Sunday 19th September

On the 19th September we held our second virtual quiz via Zoom. It consisted of the following rounds:- General Knowledge, British TV Sitcoms, Who is it? Science & Nature, Geography & Places and Fast Food Logos. All those who took part really enjoyed the event. The Fast Food Logos round and the TV Sitcoms round were great fun and we could figure out by the scores who likes TV and who enjoys fast food!!! They were both picture rounds which were relatively easy to recognise but a little harder to name! Here are a couple of pictures shown!

TV Sitcoms

Absolutely Fabulous

Fast Food Logos

Domino’s Pizza

Following the quiz, we reminded everyone that in the next month, October, was the Ataxia UK Annual Conference, and for Ataxia Awareness Day, that Ataxia UK would like to involve branch members in disseminating to their GPs, the latest version of the medical guidelines. Additionally, we had our regular “Cheery Moment” where we all briefly reviewed what we have been doing recently that was fun or enjoyable.