My Life in Aviation 25th April

Alan Page a former RAF Lightning fighter pilot and a recently retired British Airways 777 Captain shared with us his life in aviation. Alan illustrated his talk with many photos featuring the range of aircraft he has flown, both commercial and military. His two favourites? A BAC Lightning fighter and a Boeing 747 (Jumbo). He told a story about how he had to shut down one of the engines on a 747 and continued on route without any of the passengers knowing anything was unusual, something you can’t do on an airliner with only two engines!

Following Alan’s talk Anastasia from Ataxia UK gave us a quick status update on Ataxia UK. If you want to see her slides again you can get them here. After the presentation from Anastasia we just had a quick cheery minute or two, where we all briefly reviewed what we have been doing recently. It was great to hear how we are all emerging slowly from lockdown and what our future plans are.