Managing Anxiety and Motivation 21st March

We are conscious that with the exception of our Desert Island Discs virtual meeting, our virtual meetings tend to be “one-way” with little opportunity for “two-way” or “multi-way” discussion which is something that we are missing as we are no longer meeting up for our informal “get together” sessions at the Travelers Rest pub. In this meeting we tried to address this.

We started off the session with what Talita called a cheery minute suggested by Deanna. We went around all who were in the Zoom session enquiring what good and positive things we have done in the past month. This could be anything we enjoyed and derived benefit from, such as finally finishing a book we have been reading, attending a good virtual meeting, or simply walking around a garden for a breath of fresh air. This was well received, so we would like to have this as a regular fixture in future virtual meetings. Following that, James Atkins of Ataxia UK gave us a quick summary about the motivation and anxiety sessions he ran last month. This naturally led into a virtual round-table discussion of what we have all been doing to get ourselves through this last year of lockdown.

After our round-table discussion we all felt quite enthused and it was suggested that in future virtual meetings it would be good to include in our cheery minute, a description of something we may have achieved since the last virtual meeting. We weren’t talking about climbing Mt. Everest, but simple things like starting to read a book that we having been planning to read for ages but having not got around to, or chatting to someone we have been meaning to call for some time but haven’t, so no pressure, just something you may have achieved that made us feel good.