Afternoon Tea & Fundraiser, 29th April 2018

On Sunday 29th April 2018 we were expecting Brad Ashton to give us a talk about his career as a comedy writer and his interactions with a variety of household names, followed by a high tea. Unfortunately, Brad was ill, but we were able to secure the services of Brad’s brother Warren, who gave us a very interesting and entertaining talk about the metaphors, clichés, and idioms we use in everyday life. He was able to give us an insight into the background behind sayings such as, have you ever been caught between the “devil, and the deep blue sea”? Did you ever have bad news arrive as a “bolt from the blue”? Have you ever, bought a “pig in a poke”? Warren illustrated his talk with cartoons to help us on our journey of discovery in learning what lies behind the phrases we use without giving them a second thought. This is the sort of cartoon he used to illustrate metaphors.

elephant“Elephant in the room”

Following Warren’s talk, we had a delicious tea and we managed to raise over £280. Our thanks to all who came along and to those who helped make the afternoon so successful.