Frogmore Paper Mill, Tour & Lunch, Monday 18th June 2018

Frogmore Paper Mill are a charity called The Apsley Paper Trail and are located in Apsley, about a mile (in the Hemel Hempstead direction) from Nash Mills where we have had our summer canal boat outings. The goal of the charity is to educate the public of all ages in the art and science of paper-based communication including its history, its present-day and its future aspects: and to protect, preserve and maintain equipment, machinery, apparatus, buildings and structures connected with paper production and usage in the United Kingdom and especially the Gade Valley.

We all met at 12:30 and lunch was delivered promptly at 12:45 by the local chippie. We had a really interesting introductory talk by our guide, Derek, explaining the history of paper making and the significant part that Frogmore played in it. During the tour of the mill we saw paper being made on what is probably the oldest paper making machine in the world still in operation, plus a demonstration of how paper is made by hand. We learnt that wasps make paper out of the wood they consume, and that the paper mill produces a range of speciality papers that have elephant and rhino poo added to them!! All in all we had a very interesting and informative afternoon after a decent fish and chips lunch, plus we were able to welcome some folk on their first branch outing. The following pictures will give you a flavour of the afternoon.

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