Saturday 22nd May 2:30pm, Desert Island Discs – II

In autumn we held a Desert Island Disc session which proved popular. You can read about it here. We want to give those who didn’t get an opportunity to take part then to join in our second session. If you weren’t at our first session, we will recap how the session will run.

The format we would like to try and follow is that used for the radio programme but with some slight tweaks. If you haven’t heard Desert Island Discs, you can find out more about it by following the link:-

Desert Island Discs

If you want to listen to past programmes you can hear them on the BBC website:-

BBC Desert Island Discs – Past Episodes

We need to know in advance what three pieces of music you would like to take with you to the desert island. That will allow us time to find and if need be, download the music that we will play in the meeting. But, before we play the music, we would like you to tell us in the meeting why you chose those pieces of music and what they mean to you. Additionally, we’d like you to share with us, what book you would like to have on your desert island, plus one luxury item. We would love to allow you to select 8 pieces of music (like the radio programme) but we would almost certainly run out of time! If this proves as popular as we are hoping for, we might not be able to play all your selected music, so we will ask you to rank the music you have chosen in order. If you are being joined by someone in the Zoom meeting and they would like to take part, that would be terrific, but they will need to fill in this form also, so we can capture their choices as well! If you didn’t take part in our first session and would like to take part in our second session, please complete the form by the 8th May to give us enough time to find all the music.