AGM 2021, Sunday 21st February

On Sunday 2st February 2021, we held our branch Annual General Meeting (AGM), which was held via Zoom due to the restrictions the Covid-19 pandemic has placed upon us. This was followed by a virtual Bingo session. Talita reviewed the activities we had done in the last year and spoke about potential virtual events that we could hold during 2021. Talita explained that because both the branch and Ataxia UK are operating in a virtual world we can attend events no matter where they are held. Thus, Talita spoke not only about events that were organised by our branch, but by the InControl team at Ataxia UK. On a sad note Talita shared with everyone, in case they hadn’t seen our website tribute, the unfortunate loss of our long time and well-loved member, Bill Sedger  

Normally, Tony as Treasurer would have updated us on the financial state of the branch, but unfortunately due to him needing to attend a funeral at very short notice, Deanna provided a brief overview of our funds. Due to the pandemic we had to postpone our major fund-raising activity, our supper quiz, so the only significant injection of funds was £300 from the Waitrose Community Matters scheme in March 2020 just prior to the lockdown. Expenditure has been minimal. Talita reviewed our move to using the NatWest Bankline online banking system, which provides added security through on-line cosignatories. Additionally, we have added Sue Millman the CEO as an additional; administrator to the account to guard against any unforeseen circumstances that could befall our branch (we aren’t planning on any!).

Following the financial review Talita obtained the endorsement from those present, that existing members of the committee would continue in their current roles. Those present endorsed the joining of Michael Glicksman (a friend of Deanna & Tony’s) to the committee. The secretarial role is currently vacant and the committee are endeavouring to recruit someone, and would welcome interest from any members of the branch. The committee for the coming year is:-

Chairperson: Talita Banoori
Treasurer: Tony Kaye
Secretary: Vacancy – If you are interested please contact Talita.
Fundraising: Ray Levy
Committee Members: Gillian Malcahy, Deanna Kaye & Michael Glicksman

Following the AGM, everyone settled down to a virtual Bingo session. This was our second virtual Bingo session the first having been in August. Deanna ran the session using a very effective on-line Bingo calling Website that was easily shared via Zoom. For those who don’t know all the Bingo “Calls”, no. 30 is “Dirty Gertie”, no. 59 is “Brighton Line”!  To our delight we had a very exciting finish with multiple people all waiting for the same number! 66 Clickety Click! Three games were held and the winners were Peter, Mary and Talita.