About Ataxia

What is Ataxia? Ataxia is the term used to describe a group of neurological conditions that gradually attack the brain. There are many different types of ataxia, with different causes and symptoms. Most ataxias are progressive, meaning they get worse over time. At first, ataxia causes problems with balance, co-ordination and speech. The symptoms can begin at any age. Sadly, loss of balance is just the tip of the iceberg. With the most common ataxias, the outlook is bleak; heart disease, diabetes and other debilitating conditions can follow. Many people become confined to wheelchairs and develop problems with their sight and hearing. Your body’s functionality is in decline and you need to face the loss of each function as your life becomes ever more limited.

Currently there is no cure, sufferers face the prospect of their life as they know it gradually slipping away – and there is nothing they can do. There is no treatment for most ataxias but there can be some relief of some of the symptoms. Some symptoms can improve with medication, but the damage to the brain is irreversible.

Ataxia UK Mission: Ataxia UK will fund and promote research with the aim of bringing about treatments and a cure for ataxia by 2020. They desire a cure for this generation. Until this is achieved, they we will do all that they can to provide support services to the families and carers of people with ataxia to enable those with the condition to have the highest possible quality of life.

NW London Branch: Funds raised by the Ataxia U.K. North West London Branch are used to fund research into Ataxia, and help in the awarding of welfare grants to branch members assisting them with the purchase of key items that will enhance their quality of life such as orthopaedic beds, mobility aids, adaptations etc. Additionally, the branch organises group activities where people can meet and discover they are not alone allowing them to draw strength and inspiration from each other.