26 June 2021 – Resumption of face-to-face meetings

With lockdown gradually easing and the fact that we can now see a limited number of people indoors and up to 30 outdoors, the committee felt we needed to consider restarting face-to-face meetings. Additionally, we are hopeful that the government will announce a further slackening of the covid-19 restrictions. Thus, we held a virtual meeting to get the views of our branch members about how and when, we should resume face-to-face meetings.

In the virtual meeting we sought all attendees’ views on restarting face-to face meetings. Generally, most people were happy about meeting up again, but with a preference for an outdoor venue. Meeting in an indoor venue wasn’t ruled out, but with the current Covid-19 situation, it would likely be for a meeting later in the year.  These views were very helpful to the committee of the branch, as we were holding a committee meeting the following day and the views expressed would be invaluable in helping them plan the first face-to-face meeting post lockdown. 

You can see what decisions the committee took in the news section of our website.

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