Sunday 23rd June 2019 – Fish & Chips fundraising Supper Quiz

On Sunday 23rd June 2019, we held our third fundraising event, a fish & chips supper quiz. We were delighted with the number of people who purchased tickets for the event through the Ataxia UK website. We had a limit on 90 people in the hall and we sold out all our tickets 3 weeks before the closing date! A few people who would like to have attended but had other commitments for the 23rd, made donations to the branch in lieu of purchasing tickets. Something we are very grateful for.

Given how well the supper quiz in November 2017 was received the committee decided to hold the event at the same venue, The Harrow District Masonic Centre in Kenton.  Thus, we again chose Skipjacks a local award-winning fish restaurant to provide the fish and chips. The committee was left with the challenge of providing dessert, evening tea and coffee, prizes etc. Collectively we rose to the challenge well and we settled on Costco and M&S as our main suppliers due to their combination of high-quality pastries, fruit etc. at very good prices. It did help that Grace, our branch Secretary, works for M&S, so we managed to get a discount on our fruit platters and were given some raffle prizes!

The quiz was designed to be challenging, but not too challenging. We received many positive comments that the questions were pitched just about right. We tried to inject some humour into the quiz and the following question “What is a Turdus Maximus?” provoked some very interesting and colourful answers! If you weren’t there and want to know, it’s a species of bird (a blackbird found in the Himalayas). The response to the food provided was excellent, not just the fish and chips but the fruit and the Danish pastries. If there was a problem, it was that we over catered a little so some folk went home with extra munchies! We were delighted there was sufficient left over for Kelvin Gichohi from Ataxia UK, who joined us for the evening, to take some pastries into the Highgate office, by way of thanks for the support they had provided to us. We would love to show you lots of pictures from the evening but our usual photographer Tony was so rushed off his feet that he didn’t manage to take any. But here are a couple of pictures showing us preparing stuff for the tables and what the hall looked like before everyone arrived.


We raised a total of £670 much to the delight of all of us on the committee. We would like to thank members of our committee and members of our branch, their families and friends, who gave of their time, and who kindly provided raffle prizes. In addition, we would like to thank Tony Clayden from AMC Communications who provided the sound system for the evening, and Sandra Calderbank for running the Human Bingo session. Skipjacks for agreeing to open up and fry for us on a Sunday, Harrow District Masonic Centre, and Kelvin Gichohi from Ataxia UK for attending. Finally, a big thank you to all who attended and entered into the spirit of the occasion. For those of you who would like to see and hear the questions and answers from the quiz, you can download them by clicking here. If you want to be certain of hearing the music round, you need to download the PDF into Adobe Acrobat rather than reading it in your web browser.