16th May Virtual Get Together

On Saturday the 16th May we held our very first virtual meeting of the branch using the video conferencing software Zoom. To our delight we were not beset with technical issues, and Zoom were feeling generous and did not end out meeting after 40 minutes which is normally how long you get if you sign into Zoom with a free account. It was great to see everyone and at one time we had 13 people logged into Zoom very gratifying for our first attempt. What we were delighted to hear from one branch member is that it allowed them to actually get to a meeting. This has provided food for thought to the committee to see if even when we are back to holding “real” rather than “virtual” meetings, whether we should continue holding virtual meetings to support those folks for whom travelling to and attending meetings is difficult.

Normally we try and take pictures at our meetings to share, but that was a little tricky in our first virtual meeting. So please setle for these cartoons!

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