13th June – Virtual Meeting

On Saturday the 13th June we held our second virtual meeting of the branch using the video conferencing software Zoom. Our branch must all be Zoom experts as we had no technical problems at all! It was great to see everyone and we had 16 people on screen which was very gratifying, and three up from our first attempt.

We had a special guest at our meeting, the Chief Executive of Ataxia UK, Sue Millman. Sue gave us a brief overview of Ataxia UK and what its strategic thrusts are. Due to the Covid-19 situation, Sue reviewed the challenges facing Ataxia UK and how Ataxia UK is responding to the challenges by making good use of video conferencing technology to ensure we can all stay together, albeit in a virtual world. Following Sue’s review, we had a brief discussion about future virtual events, nothing definite yet, other than we will try and meet on Sunday July 19th in lieu of our cancelled summer boat outing. Details to follow!

Normally we try and take pictures at our meetings to share, but that is a little tricky in our virtual meetings, but here is a picture of Deanna deep in thought during the meeting.